Protect yourself from a disaster.. Learn about the causes of the explosion of mobile phones “video”

احم نفسك من كارثة.. تعرف على أسباب انفجار الهواتف المحمولة "فيديو"

The Seventh Day TV broadcast special coverage prepared by Israa Abdel Qader and presented by Hisham Abdel Tawab, during which he reviewed the full details and the reasons for the explosion of some mobile phones in many cases.

And the special coverage added that mobile phones are exposed to explosion sometimes for several reasons, most notably high temperatures, which poses a danger to the phone, and this explosion can lead to severe damage, and the explosion may worsen and not stop at the phone only, which causes fires and falls. injuries.

The special coverage monitored the reasons for the explosion of the phone, including:

The battery is punctured or has a slight bend.

– Battery damage, swelling and continued use in this condition will lead to the phone exploding.

Exposing the battery to places and things that get hot.

Leaving the phone in hot places frequently may cause it to explode.

– Dropping the phone may sometimes affect the internal battery.

The coverage also mentioned tips to avoid the phone or battery exploding and burning, including:

– As far as possible, do not drop the phone, puncture or bend the battery.

Do not use the phone extensively while charging and do not cover the phone because covers may contribute to protecting your phone, but negatively affect its heat, especially when operating for long periods in a poorly ventilated place.

Avoid using or buying non-original chargers to charge your smartphone.

Do not use the phone until its battery is fully charged.

Do not place the phone near sources of high heat.

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– Try as much as possible to avoid using the mobile phone until its battery runs out of its full charge, because this puts great pressure on the battery, which leads to the phone exploding sometimes.

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