Prince Harry gets a Dutch lesson from Invictus Games

Prince Harry gets a Dutch lesson from Invictus Games

Prince Harry has taken a Dutch lesson from the Dutch Invictus Games team. The international sports tournament shares a video on Twitter in which we can see the prince learning, among other things, the word “stroopwafel” in an all-orange outfit. The Prince is the initiator of the sports tournament for soldiers who are physically or mentally injured during missions. The prince will visit the event in April, which this time will be in The Hague.

The video shows the prince inviting the team on video. “How do I say ‘Good evening, you’ve done well’ in Dutch?” asks the Prince. The team says the words in Dutch and Harry repeats them. Then he asks what else he needs to know. When he learned the word “strobowale,” he replied, “I like it.” At the end of the video, a member of the team asks if the Duke of Sussex has not forgotten his hat. He wears an orange hat and orange sunglasses and reveals the orange shirt he wears under his jacket. “Come on,” said Harry.

The first edition of the Invictus Games was held in London in 2014, followed by Orlando (USA, 2016), Toronto (Canada, 2017) and Sydney (Australia, 2018). Harry, twice deployed to Afghanistan, created heroism to help the army recover. They participate in such sports as wheelchair basketball, sit-down volleyball, wheelchair tennis, indoor rowing, and wheelchair rugby. Princess Margaret is Honorary Chair of the Recommendations Committee for the Hague Edition of the Invictus Games.

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