Prince Daniel has completed a business trip to the United States

Prince Daniel has completed a business trip to the United States

Swedish Prince Daniel’s tour through the United States has ended. He is on his way to his family in Stockholm, Svenske Damttedning reports.

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Daniel was abroad this week with a delegation of the Prince Daniel Fellowship to introduce Swedish entrepreneurs to fellow entrepreneurs in Seattle and Silicon Valley near San Francisco. Among the companies the group visited were Nasdaq, Boeing, Amazon, Nvidia and Microsoft. The Swedes also visited several universities.

The prince also made time for private visits during his trip, according to photos posted by businessman, TV personality and travel group member Gunilla van Platen via Instagram. Billionaire met Barbro Ussher, the Swedish Consul General in San Francisco and a well-known philanthropist. Usher knows Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria well. She even nursed Princess Estelle for a while when the couple were in San Francisco seven years ago on a joint business trip and vacation.

Daniel won’t have much time to catch up with Victoria after he gets home. The crown prince has to go on Saturday. You will attend the celebration of the centenary of the founding of the Swedish Students’ Union (SFS).


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