Previews, predictions, what to watch

Previews, predictions, what to watch

Call Costello

Do not think about this. The planes are awesome. Presidents are great. This can quickly get ugly. It is difficult to envision any scenario in which aircraft maintain this close proximity.

41 heads, 10 planes

Marquee match

RB boss Le’Veon Bell versus Jets coach Adam Gase

These two won’t be on the field at the same time other than during the warm-up periods, but this is where a lot of the focus will be in this game. Jazz and Bell never got along during Belle’s short tenure with planes. Gase didn’t get past the team that signed Bill over his objections. Bell annoyed how Gase used him. All this led to an ugly divorce, and Bill was released two weeks ago. He landed with Presidents and here we are.

Is Jess worried about Bill going out to show him?

“Yeah, I’m sure he will be concerned about just winning the match,” Gas said. “That’s what most of the players worry about. They worry about, ‘Hey what am I supposed to do this week to help my team win,” so I’m sure that’s what he will worry about. We have a lot of players to worry about this aspect of the ball against them.

Le'Veon Bell and Adam Gase
Le’Veon Bell and Adam GaseAP; New York Post: Charles Winselberg

Four subsidence

The Magic of the Mahous: Let’s put it this way: The Jets just couldn’t beat reserve QB Brett Rypien, who made his NFL debut in a short week. How do you think she will face Patrick Mahomes, one of the best midfielders on Earth?

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The Jets’ only hope in this match is if the Chiefs turn the ball … too much. Don’t rely on it. Mahomes made only one interception this season and made 16 touchdowns. The planes can’t let him run on them or that might be uglier than we imagine.

“It’s going to be a tough challenge,” said Henry Anderson, the defensive midfielder. “We just have to do a good job making sure he doesn’t extend plays. Obviously, he’s pretty good in pocket, but when he can extend plays out of pocket and force databases to cover these fast guys, those fast receivers for a longer time, the problem becomes more. Contain him, keep him in the pocket, squeeze him and make his life uncomfortable there. ”

High-risk area: Jets are the worst red zone team in the NFL. They scored four league touchdowns at the lowest level in the league in 16 trips to the red. They left points on the field last week against the Biles when they settled on a field goal in their first drive and later failed to convert fourth and 1st.

The planes must be able to move the ball over the heads. Kansas City’s impulsive defense is ranked 30th in the NFL, with 149.9 yards per game. The key is for the planes to divert any red landing opportunities they reach.

Receipt of the turnstile: Airplanes without two will be the top three receivers again this week. It’s become a familiar problem for this team, who haven’t had their expected top three receivers on the field together once this season. Preshad Berryman (concussion) and Jamison Crowder (thigh) will not be playing on Sundays. This means that Jeff Smith, Braxton Piraeus, and rookie Denzel Mims will likely be the first ones.

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It might be harder for Sam [Darnold] Than anyone else, because it’s just a different group, but I see it as a great opportunity for a lot of men, “said trainer Adam Gas.

All young people: The Jets got more draft lessons last week as Mims saw his first job, Mekhi Becton return to the lineup and La’Mical Perine got a heavier workload. That’s what it’s about for the rest of this season. Could Jets find some players they think will be contributors in the next year and beyond?

“It’s clear they’re really good players,” Darnold said of the rookies. “We’ve recruited them for a reason.” “You know we recruited them to come here and do plays for us and we know what to do in every play when they get in there. So, they’ve done a good job so far and we’re just looking to continue having them contribute to our attack and do a good job.”

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