President Xi vows to eradicate “separatism” in Taiwan

President Xi vows to eradicate "separatism" in Taiwan

Xi expressed his determination to safeguard his country’s territorial integrity and oppose Taiwan independence. He told Communist Party delegates at the opening of the Communist Party Congress, which takes place once every five years, that he reserved the right to use force against Taiwan if necessary.

Xi also discussed the situation in Hong Kong. “Events in Hong Kong caused the transition from chaos to governance.” The United Kingdom handed Hong Kong over in 1997 and since then China has increasingly seized power in the former British crown colony. In recent years, the democratic nature of government in Hong Kong has been increasingly eroded.

Climate change

The president said China will remain committed to the global fight against climate change. Beijing will “actively participate in global governance on climate change” and pledge to “promote the clean and efficient use of coal.”

Xi is expected to be elected general secretary for the third time at the party congress, the party leader that has been in power for more than 70 years. If he gets a third term, this is a departure from tradition. It was customary for party leaders to resign after a maximum of two terms. In addition to being general secretary, Xi is also China’s president and has previously rescinded a rule that he can stay in this role for a maximum of two terms.

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