‘Power grab’ threatens Olympic weightlifting status | Other sports

'Power grab' threatens Olympic weightlifting status |  Other sports

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said it was “extremely concerned” about governance issues at the IWF. Yesterday, the interim President Ursula Papandria was expelled from this union.

The American, the first female president of the International Federation of Women, was appointed in January to replace the Hungarian Tamas Ajan. He was accused, among other things, of corruption, violating doping rules and fixing match results.

According to the International Olympic Committee, Papandrea’s dismissal did not proceed in the correct way, while the highest sports body stated that it was not satisfied with the chosen successor, without mentioning his name. According to the International Olympic Committee, there is a takeover of power that could have consequences. The International Olympic Committee had previously suggested removing weight lifting from the Paris 2024 Games program.

The president of the American Weightlifting Federation, Phil Andrews, personally announced the name of Papandrea’s successor. It comes to Thai Intarat Yodbangtoey. A great choice because weight lifters from his country are not allowed to participate in the Tokyo Games due to the high number of doping cases.

Andrews has since retired as IWF Deputy General Manager. According to the American, “Not everyone takes into account sports concerns and our efforts to reform sport have met with incredible resistance.” The IWF was discredited in January after a documentary by German TV channel ARD that featured corruption. Agan, who had been president for twenty years, denied everything, but was categorically asked to resign.

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