Population: Someone came out today with crossplay all virtual reality platforms

BigBox VR’s long-awaited virtual reality game in Battle Royale, Population: One, is available today on all platforms except for PlayStation VR. This might be one of the biggest virtual reality games of the year.

Population: Someone came out today with crossplay all VR 03 platforms |  TweakTown.com

Population: The First is a battle royale game exclusively for virtual reality. The game features all the standard battle royale features, such as a swarm of weapons to search for, the material resources that need to be collected, an open world to explore, and a map that grows smaller and smaller over time. It even supports building structures as you can in Fortnite.

Population: One of the other battle royale games stands out, apart from being a VR game, because the combat mainly takes place in elevated locations. Population: One of them features BigBox VR’s Vertical Combat System (VCS), which gives players the ability to reach the highest point of any structure on the map. If you can see it, you can reach it by climbing, flying, or making your way to it.

BigBox VR has said that the development is on the population: one will continue after the launch with many free updates planned, including new game modes, features and maps. BigBox VR also plans to link in-game events to keep the community involved. The launch day version of the game features an 18-player team-based event, with six 3-man teams fighting to be the last remaining group.

“PopULATION: ONE lets players live the imagination of being a badass action hero in virtual reality,” said Gabe Brown, chief technology officer at BigBox VR and co-founder. “The freedom to move anywhere in the world as if you were in a sci-fi movie, the presence you feel while playing with a friend, and the drop in new content after launch, are just some of the reasons why we think players will keep coming back for more.”

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Population: One is now available for $ 29.99 at Oculus and SteamVR stores. The Oculus Edition is a cross-purchase title, which means you acquire a Quest and Rift / Oculus Link license with one purchase. The game is also available on Steam with support for HTC Vive, Windows MR, and Valve Index. It is compatible, which means servers host players with all headphones together.

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