Pixel Launcher: New details in ‘At a Glance’ widget will soon provide information about packages that have arrived


widget “at a glance” in Pixel Launchers It’s been expanded quite extensively in the past few weeks, and now should be able to display a whole bunch of new information to many users. But Google’s developers keep working on expanding and they could soon have an interesting notice to online shoppers ready: actual arrival or bundle aggregation.

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Anyone who receives parcels frequently will keep track of them at one time or another and will know exactly when they arrive, where they are, or if they have already been put in front of the door. However, this information comes entirely from the databases of transport providers and is not always completely reliable. Therefore, Google would like to introduce soon a new feature of the widget “At a Glance” in Pixel Launcher, which will report the actual change in the last step.

Pixel launcher at a glance doorbell nest widget

There are indications in the chains that the Nest doorbell camera recognizes when a package has been dropped or picked up. It’s not about having a person in the short term, it’s also about discovering a parcel. Combined with the change in parcel tracking, it is then possible to determine if and when the parcel has arrived. An interesting feature that will increase reliability.

So far it has only been spotted in a state of disassembly, so it may be a few weeks or months before this feature is rolled out to all users.

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