Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro: Google shows smartphones from the front for the first time – finally take a look at the screen


After Google’s marketing only frequently posted teasers for upcoming devices, it seems like all the levees are now breaking and new images are being posted at what looks like an hourly wage. Now, for the first time, pictures of that have been published Pixel 7 smartphones appear from the front. In fact, we’ve only seen it from the back, so these are the first official images of the front.

pixel 7 pro official photo

A nice back can be fun, and that goes for Pixel smartphones as well. But since smartphones get “boring” from the front when turned off and consist only of a display, the back is more interesting and the part where it differs from the competition. Pixel 7 smartphones, like their predecessors, are clearly recognizable from the back, while from the front they look like any other device.

However, we want to take a look at the screen that appears on the official images for the first time. Google has now published two photos in a closed group of Pixel Superfans, which of course found their way to the public very quickly. We first see a group photo of the new Pixel team made up of the Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds. The phone in this image turns on and interestingly shows the October 4th date on the screen – although the Pixel event won’t happen until October 6. Was it delayed too soon? It fits with the fact that smartphones should also go on sale on Tuesday.

The second image is more interesting in terms of display, because we see it in more detail. Of course, the camera is again positioned in the middle of the top of the screen, so it is in the usual place. But what about the curvature of the screen and how limited the display is? Apparently, users’ wishes were listened to at both points and both were kept as low-key as possible.

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Pixel 7 . Front Wallet

7 . pixel displays

It’s far from the first teaser these days. Because just yesterday a new video of the Pixel 7 smartphones and Pixel Watch was posted and it already showed several images in the previous days. So it is expected that this will continue in the next few days and that we will receive more detailed screenshots of the devices, about which almost everything is already known from a technical point of view.

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