Pinkpop 2022 inhaler: “In the Netherlands our music communicates with a lot of people”

Pinkpop 2022 inhaler: "In the Netherlands our music communicates with a lot of people"

wild ride

The band is currently in the middle of a busy tour. All summer there is hardly a day off for Irish musicians. They try not to think too much about this themselves: “We don’t look much at the tour schedule but live from day to day. It’s really a lot when you look at the schedule. We’re just getting up now, going about a performance, playing and leaving for the next destination.”

super fans

The band just managed to select something from their group roster: a few days ago they made their first on the scene as a supporting act for Kings of Leon. And this isn’t just a boy band, they’ve been fans from a young age and know every song by heart: “We all cried. We grew up with their music and covered many songs. We know all about us. Our head. .We are huge fans, it was a real honor.” “.

contact with the Netherlands

The band recently performed their all-sold-out Paradiso, and at Pinkpop they were able to fill the stage all the way to the end with new and existing fans as well. This is not given everywhere, the boys say that they have a special bond with our small country: “It’s fun, our music is very popular with you. We are very grateful for that, we are bigger with you than other countries..”

Father’s Day gift for Bono

Of course, it must be mentioned: the attacker, Elijah, is the son of no one but Bono. Musical talent clearly runs in the family! At the time of the interview, it happened to be Father’s Day. In honor of this, Sander presented the singer with a gift. And this is useful, because he accidentally forgot about it himself. In 1981 U2 was on Pinkpop. 3FM managed to extract the official label from 1981, and it was delivered to Sander.

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