Pfizer and BioNtech install vaccines for Olympic athletes for free

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On May 6, Lausanne said the International Olympic Committee said vaccine manufacturer Pfizer and BioNtech would give the vaccine free of charge to athletes preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee said that the distribution of the vaccine dose will begin this month so that the Olympic delegation will have enough time to apply the two vaccines before the Olympics. The Olympic Games will be held on July 23 in Tokyo, Japan.

This is the second major immunization agreement for the International Olympic Committee. Earlier in March, there was an agreement between the Olympic Committee and Olympic officials in China to buy and distribute vaccines from China.

This new proposal from Fizer will help the International Olympic Committee conduct vaccinations on a large scale in advance of the Tokyo Olympics. Because many countries still have not approved the emergency use of the Chinese vaccine.

“We invite the athletes and delegations participating in the tournament to set an example wherever possible before the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said International Olympic Committee President Thomas Buck.

“The Japanese government held a meeting with the International Olympic Committee after talks between Albert Burla, CEO of the company, and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga,” the same source said in a statement. After that, the vaccine agreement was concluded.

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