Perhaps 100 km/h in the evening as compensation for coal emissions | the interior

Perhaps 100 km/h in the evening as compensation for coal emissions |  the interior

The package of measures to offset the increased carbon dioxide emissions from the launch of coal-fired power plants won’t be announced until around budget day, but all kinds of options are already being traded. For example, it seems certain that companies can count on additional subsidies if they take measures to save carbon dioxide.

Proposals are also being traded in the coalition, such as additional support for insulated homes. It is also possible to buy more so-called emissions rights, with which companies can offset carbon dioxide emissions. The costs of the measures can be paid in part with money the government provides now because coal-fired power plants will not receive subsidies until 2024 to reduce their production.

Highway to 100

The mobility sector should also contribute, according to sources from The Hague. For example, in the Ministry of Rob Jetten, there is an option on the table to permanently reduce the maximum speed on the highway to 100 kilometers per hour. The speed limit now applies only during the day. The D66 and CU election programs already state that they’d prefer to see that no faster than 100 are allowed between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Further reduction in flight is also a concern.

The question remains whether VVD and CDA are up to it. A coalition leader said the slowdown appeared to be a “fantasy”.

The Cabinet will take some time to decide on new climate measures. Another factor is that carbon dioxide emissions this year are lower than expected. This is due to the warm winter and high energy prices: factories have taken back gas in order to save money. Even if coal-fired power plants emit extra carbon dioxide, the Netherlands could meet its climate goals this year.

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