Perez will not receive any requests from the team at the moment, and Red Bull will start with the 2026 engine | GPFans Summary

Pérez krijgt voorlopig geen teamorders, Red Bull start met 2026-motor


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It’s time once again to take a look at the most important and trending news of the day. Red Bull has now begun developing the 2026 engine. In addition, the Austrian team reveals that it is still too early to consider potential team orders inside the stable and former driver Gianmaria Bruni sees the world champion overstepping the mark last year, but does not expect that to be the case. The case in the current season. will happen.

Red Bull on potential team requests for Perez: ‘Not at such an early stage’

Red Bull Racing has no plans to hand over team orders to Sergio Pérez or Max Verstappen at this time. According to team advisor Helmut Marko, it is still too early to step into the season. Read the full article? click here

Australian Grand Prix weather forecast: Warm temperatures with a high chance of rain

The Australian Grand Prix next weekend will be held in warm conditions, but supposedly wet. The temperature can reach 25 degrees Celsius, with a 54 percent chance of precipitation. Read the full article? click here

Red Bull starts with engine for 2026: ‘Powertrains working in second half of this year’

While the new regulations for 2022 are reason enough for all teams to focus fully on the present, the teams working behind the scenes are already working in 2026. At least, according to Helmut Marko, Red Bull has already started. Read the full article? click here

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Bruni doesn’t see Verstappen change: ‘Often over the limit against Hamilton’

Gianmaria Bruni enjoys the fight between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen and hopes to keep it clean. The former Formula 1 driver witnessed a ferocious battle last year and does not expect to see a repeat of that season. Read the full article? click here

Verstappen hopes for FIA action after Abu Dhabi: ‘They should do such an investigation every year’

Max Verstappen believes the FIA ​​should release a report every year with the results of the previous season. The Dutchman says the FIA ​​should strive to improve every year and that such a report would only make sense. Read the full article? click here

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