Pegasus: Data indicating that the phone was hacked?

Pegasus: Data indicating that the phone was hacked?

Internet office: Spyware “Pegasus” .. the name is now widespread in political and government circles. Pegasus was created five years ago by the Israeli NSO for intelligence operations. However, the news that the phones of many global celebrities were hacked due to spyware immediately caused quite a stir. Experts have found that Pegasus has hacked the Android version of the phone in addition to iOS. Once you get into your phone, it is very difficult to detect the presence of this spyware. Spyware attacks control the phone’s financial information as well as gallery, calls and messages. And if your phone is infected with this spyware, you can find out by some signs.

Battery… Check apps

If your phone battery is running out of capacity very quickly, it can be considered as a malware attack using malicious code with malicious apps. However, having too many apps running in the background can also increase battery consumption. So these apps must be controlled first. I’m still wondering if the same problem will recur. Also, be careful if you have unwanted apps on your phone without downloading. Automatically removing and re-downloading them is considered an attack by hackers or spyware.

Increasing data usage..Slowing down the phone..

If your smartphone suddenly slows down.. If you bother to open any app or game, then there is a possibility of malware in the background. Also if the data usage is higher than what is normally consumed, then you need to consider malware. Apps or malware may be using your mobile data in the background. You risk keeping track of what you’re doing.

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Change phone performance.

Phone performance seems abnormal. This means that you need to be careful if apps suddenly crash or fail while loading. Let’s say you have websites open on your phone. If it looks different from the previous sites, it should be considered as a sign of a malware attack. Don’t click on any pop-ups that appear on your screen when you open any website. Experts warn that malware can infiltrate your device through pop-ups. If you find that you have not made any text messages or calls in your phone history, you may think that you are infected by a hacker. Messages may contain profanity. This should be considered a sign.

In the case of flash lighting along with the studio …

With the advent of smartphones, selfies, photos, and videos are becoming more and more popular. However, you should be on the alert if you find photos in galleries that you didn’t take or received from anyone. The camera on your phone is a sign that others are out of control. Likewise, you should be alert even if the flash light is on even when your phone is not in use. It is normal for the phone to heat up automatically if you are consuming a lot of games and apps. It gets hot without using the phone.. but you have to think that hackers are attacking.

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