Parmlin predicts a multi-year energy crisis

Parmlin predicts a multi-year energy crisis

According to Parmelin, the energy crisis will last a few years. The expansion of renewable energies and increased efficiency must be promoted.


The basics in brief

  • According to Parmelin, the energy crisis will not end this winter.
  • Switzerland will also depend on oil and gas in 2024.
  • The savings appeals from the federal government will work, and residents have been educated.

Federal Chancellor Guy Parmelin assumes that the energy crisis will last several years. It is important not only to think about the upcoming winter, but to do everything to ensure that Switzerland produces more energy. This means more renewable energies and more efficiency.

Parmelin said in an interview with CH Medien that in 2023 and 2024, Switzerland will remain dependent on oil and gas. How things will look in the following years depends on how quickly Switzerland can expand its production.

When asked if the federal government was not sufficiently prepared for a crisis, Parmlin said the risks in energy had been underestimated. In recent decades, Switzerland has relied too much on importing energy when in doubt.

The Federal Council launched a campaign to save energy. The first results are satisfactory, and the population has been sensitized. The Minister of Economy said that energy prices remain high. This helps in saving.

Parmlin sees the danger of an economic crisis due to the energy crisis

Regarding the power shortage, Parmelin said there is a regulation for gas. As for electricity, experts said that before the end of March next year, the risk of a shortage is minimal. Electrical ordinances should be in effect by the end of November.

The Federal Council wants to use the time and work with associations to make the regulations more business-friendly. After that the bill is consulted, and then the Federal Council takes a decision.

Are you already saving electricity?

Parmlin also sees the danger that an energy crisis could lead to an economic crisis. In Germany, Switzerland’s most important trading partner, a recession is looming. This may have an impact on the Swiss economy.

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