Orange women meet world champion USA in 2023 World Cup

Orange women meet world champion USA in 2023 World Cup


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Today, Saturday, the Dutch women’s football team won the title of the defending United States for the 2023 World Championship in Australia and New Zealand.

Team USA is an old acquaintance of Team Orange. The two teams faced each other in the 2019 World Cup Final. The Netherlands suffered a 2-0 defeat in that final battle.

At the Aotea Center in Auckland, the Vietnam player made his debut and the qualifying Group A winner as opponents in Group E. That group includes Portugal, Cameroon and Thailand. The winner from Cameroon and Thailand will compete against the Portuguese. The team that wins this match will join Group E.

These three countries will compete for a starting ticket in February 2023.


The Netherlands was at Tier 2, after the Orange Lionesses had recently fallen two places in the FIFA rankings. Therefore, Juncker’s team was able to draw the lottery against recognized countries such as the United States, world champions, and England, for Dutch coach Sarina Wegmann, the strongest team in Europe. In the end, the American woman emerged as the main opponent.

The two teams also faced each other during the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. That meeting resulted in a draw, after which the United States took better penalties.

Orange looted the United States and Vietnam in the 2023 World Cup

And Anders Juncker, coach of the national team, witnessed the equalizer with mixed feelings. He replied, “Actually, I am not satisfied with this lottery, because America is of course a great opponent at all. The great candidate to win the world title,” he replied.

“It doesn’t mean we don’t have a chance. I think we’re a formidable opponent to everyone. And also to the United States. If I’m honest, I think the United States is not happy that they’re playing against us. Keep going. Bearing in mind it’s going to be a huge challenge.”

The national coach can be brief for the opponent Vietnam. “I can tell a whole story here, but the truth is I don’t know that team at all. I haven’t seen them play before, so we have to look into that. You shouldn’t underestimate any opponent, including Vietnam. We are preparing for that match as well. against the United States.”

The fact that Portugal will likely become the fourth country in Group E came as no surprise to Juncker either. “If this becomes our opponent, you can safely talk about a solid group. On the other hand: if you want to go home with this cup, you have to beat everyone.”

The orange team plays the first and third group match in Dunedin, in the far south of the South Island. The meeting with the United States takes place in Wellington.

England with Wiegman, Ireland with Pauw

England takes it next year Down Against Denmark and China, the winners of Group B composed of Chile, Senegal and Haiti.

Ireland, led by Vera Bow, will hit the host countries Australia, Nigeria and Canada.

During the ninth edition of the Women’s World Cup, 32 countries will participate for the first time. The tournament will take place from July 20 to August 20. Australia has six host cities and New Zealand has four.

The Orange team plays all group matches in New Zealand. The winner of Group E will play against the runner-up in Group G. This will include the group presidents Sweden, Italy, Argentina and South Africa.

The Netherlands narrowly qualified for the tournament in Oceania, after beating Iceland 1-0 last month. This is the third time in a row that the Netherlands have participated in the final battle.

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