Parking outside: finding a parking space is the hardest

This way you can easily park your car in 27 countries while on vacation

EasyPark is seeing more than two and a half times the number of outdoor parking transactions for July 2022, compared to July 2021. However, finding an outdoor parking space remains a challenging task. 44 percent sometimes or often park their cars in places without knowing if it is allowed.

This is evident from a Norstat survey, which was conducted on behalf of EasyPark, among 1,038 respondents. The knowledge of traffic signs, posters and environmental labels that are required also leaves much to be desired.

unknown city

61% find it very difficult to find a parking space in an unfamiliar city. Sixty percent also find it difficult to know whether parking is paid or unpaid. However, 82 percent were not fined for parking incorrectly outside. Only a small majority (56 percent) never stop standing without knowing if it’s allowed. The rest risk a fine of between 15 euros in France and 200 euros in Spain.

Marius Korselmann, Country Director of EasyPark Benelux: “Searching for a free parking space in an unknown city is very difficult. However, seventy percent believe that outdoor parking spaces – once they are found – are well-marked. 34% find out in advance where You can park your car, I think all this is very positive. We offer search function in more and more countries. By this we show you where you have the greatest chance of finding a free parking space and which route is best to follow. This makes your search much easier. The result: less stress, fewer driving and traffic jams, which contribute to the quality of life in cities.”

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Lesson theory

47% do not understand road signs outside often or sometimes. 28 percent are not familiar with ecoregions. This can lead to problems if you want to go to cities like Berlin, Lille (Lille), Paris and Lyon, because these cities have set up ecozones. You may only enter with an environmental label, as your vehicle must meet certain requirements (Euro-4 emissions standard or higher; generally vehicles manufactured after January 2005). The need for the label (for Austria and Switzerland, for example) is also unclear for 66 percent. They know that there are countries where this is necessary, but they do not know which ones exactly.

With trolley, you are free but you have to park your car somewhere

The cart is a popular means of transportation. These travelers are well prepared for their vacation. Only 37 percent do not know where to park their cars outside. Find a garage pick up 51 percent up front. The biggest inconvenience is parking outside. When asked about the inconveniences of parking outside, the fact that it is unclear whether paid parking is at the top.

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