Park City resident Camille Lemmens, 22, participated in a solar-powered car race across…

Zonneautorace  Camiel Lemmens door de Sahara

Camille Lemmens
Photo: AndreasKajim

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Camille Lemmens (22 years old) from Barkstad participates in a solar car race in Morocco. At Solar Challenge Morocco, Student Team Solar Team Twente will compete against other global teams in October.

The rally over 2,500 km across Morocco is a great stage for students, but it also brings many challenges.

Camille has put his studies on industrial design at the University of Twente on a break for a year and a half and will be at the start of the Morocco Solar Challenge on October 25th. For over a year, his focus has been on building the most efficient solar vehicle and sharing the team’s story. Camille was responsible for marketing during the year and will serve as the team’s reporter during the race.

World Championship

The 2021 edition of Australia’s biennial Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the world solar car championship in which Team Twente has often succeeded, has been canceled due to the coronavirus. His dream seemed pretty shattered.

“The fact that a line went through ‘Australia’ was a huge blow,” says de Klimenaar. “The goal we had been working towards for a year seemed to be disappearing. We searched hard for an alternative and did not stop producing the solar car. I am very proud to lead the team.” Students unveiled the new RED Horizon solar vehicle in July. The car has only three wheels and weighs no more than 180 kg.

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The rally of more than 2,500 kilometers under the Moroccan sun will be a five-stage rally spread over five days. The race starts and ends in the coastal city of Agadir and leads mainly through the southern part of Morocco, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and the edge of the Sahara.

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