Over 200 Cultuurfonds Scholarships for Talented Students

Over 200 Cultuurfonds Scholarships for Talented Students

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Three-quarters of the scholarships in 2022 will come from CultuurFondsen in Nam, which is managed and spent by Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds. This is money from enthusiastic private donors who support their own goals through Cultuurfonds, in this case a scholarship for young talent.

112 science fairs

Out of the 202 scholarships, 112 go to students for scientific study or research abroad. Common fields of study in the sciences are medicine, public administration, and law.

The United States is the favorite of most students. But countries closer to home are growing in popularity. Within the Visual Arts category, many students choose courses in Belgium and Germany.

Since 2002 we have offered Cultuurfonds scholarships to more than 2,000 students.

Other directions

38 scholarships were awarded for music, for studies and for the purchase of instruments.

In the field of visual arts, 43 further education scholarships were awarded, 11 of which were for residency at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten.

Nine scholarships were awarded in the Theatre, Dance, and Film category. For example, in the last category we were able to offer a scholarship to a student who will pursue a master’s degree in Animation Directing at the National School of Film and Television. This student makes fictional stories about personal and social problems, about responsibility, dealing with trauma and seeking connection with yourself and others.

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