Our pick for the summer’s highest concentrations of COVID (when we should have known better)

Our pick for the summer's highest concentrations of COVID (when we should have known better)

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With the long Labor Day weekend approaching, it’s a good reminder – yes – the pandemic is still with us. It’s also an occasion to catch a glimpse of the summer’s peak moments of the COVID virus, the kind of super ubiquitous events we should have known better.

Bar Kirouac is closed in Quebec City after people with COVID-19 participated in a karaoke night. Photo by Jacques Boissenott / Canadian Press / File

It has occurred everywhere, all over the country – at conferences, funerals and religious gatherings. But there was little this summer that grabbed our attention for one reason or another. Here it is National Mail Picks from the best COVID-19 populations to learn from:

A family gathering in British Columbia

In British Columbia, the early June outbreak was traced back to those most innocuous activities: a family gathering. Thirty people attended the gathering in the Fraser River Health area, and it resulted in 15 positive cases. The event took place both at home and abroad, and occurred as restrictions on gatherings were limited to 50 in the province.

Weekend in Canada Day, Kelowna, British Columbia

At least 60 cases of the COVID-19 virus have been traced back to celebrations in the city of Okanagan during the long Canada Day weekend, according to local public health officials. In a throwback to earlier and more innocent times, legions of partisans descended on the Lake District from other parts of British Columbia and Alberta. There were crowded bars, crowded beaches, and people crowded on the boats and rafts.

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Brass Real Pub, Toronto

Between August 4 and 8, an employee worked at The Brass Rail Tavern, a strip club in downtown Toronto, while he contracted COVID-19. Toronto Public Health is tasked with tracking approximately 500 employee contacts. One of his recipients tested positive, although it’s not clear if this guy caught him in a strip club. Unsurprisingly, two-thirds of the contacts, when giving their contact information to the club as required to do so, gave wrong details. This proved to be a problem for contact tracing.

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