Orkut is back with a new name called Hello

Orkut is back with a new name called Hello

Digital Daily News Desk: People born in the 1990s are more familiar with the name of Orkut until then, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and messaging apps have never seen the light of day. In the internet world, Yahoo Messenger and Rediffmail rule and at that time, Orkut 7 has reached the peak of its popularity as a social site so when you hear the name Orkut, Tech-Savira feels nostalgic. The dusty ‘scrapbook’ story begins.

When Google announced in 2014 that Orkut would be shutting down forever, it left users helpless. Finally, they keep old love in a corner of their mind to form a new Facebook family. Great news for these Orkut users is back! Yes, I heard right like the news to be shocked! Orkut will return with a new look and a new name

Orkut 7 himself has admitted the fact of the news that it is not so Who is this orkut? Google employee 6 named Orkut after him said that he created a new social network 7 in the style of orkut.com, named hello.com 7, which is currently being launched as a mobile application. The application can be used in English, Turkish, French, Spanish and Portuguese. IPhone and Android smartphone users can download and use the app effortlessly. However, Orkut7 said it hasn’t come to India yet if ‘Hello’ becomes popular like Orkut, then people from all over the world will be able to access the app.

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