Navalny was transferred to a penal colony infirmary

Navalny was transferred to a penal colony infirmary

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was transferred to a medical ward in the penal colony, where he was detained. He reported on his Instagram account on Monday of a slight increase and a nagging cough. The Federal Prison Service told the Russian news agency Izvestia that upon a medical examination, he had symptoms of a respiratory illness.

According to Navalny, three of the fifteen inmates in his ward were taken to the infirmary. They might have TB. But Izvestia News Agency wrote that there is no TB disease in the penal colony, 100 km east of Moscow. Navalny has been tested anyway for coronavirus.

Independent physician

The opponent and critic of President Putin had already received complaints in the back and the leg, and had previously complained about the inadequate medical facilities in the concentration camp. He will also be woken up every hour and as a result, he will suffer from sleep deprivation.

Navalny decided to go on hunger strike last week to force him to be examined by an independent doctor. His team says he already lost eight pounds before his hunger strike.

At the beginning of February, Navalny was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. A judge has converted an unconditional 3.5-year suspended prison sentence issued in 2014 for fraud. However, the year in which he was under house arrest as part of this case was deducted from his time in custody. An appeal in the case was subsequently dismissed.

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