Orange women under 20s narrowly fall to Mexico – Haaglanden Football

Orange women under 20s narrowly fall to Mexico - Haaglanden Football

The Dutch national under-20 women’s team began preparations for the World Cup with a 1-0 defeat to Mexico. The only goal of a very difficult training match in the context of the Women’s Sud Cup came in injury time.

Women under the age of 20 settled this week in the French town of Auban, near Marseille in southern France. Orange talents travel the world on their first World Cup adventure this summer and meet countries they have rarely or never encountered in their international careers.


For young international players, international football has so far been mainly played on the European continent. with European opponents. In a month and a half it will be completely different. At the World Cup in Costa Rica, the U-20 team will face Japan, the United States and Ghana in the group stage. Three completely different cultures of football. This is the beauty and at the same time the difficult part of the World Cup.

test case

The Women’s Sud Cup is therefore an excellent test case, as four participating nations will take part in the World Cup: the Netherlands, Mexico, France and the United States. Under 20. With ADO player Den Haag at the base Liz Rijsbergen (photo) The game started reasonably well, with enough depth and benefit from the space between the lines. A few shots from a distance created some danger. Ella Bidmores wasn’t so lucky when she fired her shot at the crossbar. Defensively, not much was given up, although the Netherlands had to pay attention to the strong Mexicans on set pieces.

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the heat

The intense heat (above thirty degrees) did not make it easier for Orange after the break (Rijsbergen was replaced by Zera Hulswit in the break. As a result, both teams had great difficulty developing a good offensive structure and suffered frequent ball losses. Orange had a chance Five minutes before the end when substitute Charlotte Holst was sent deep by Samantha Van Diemen, he cut well and only went after the goalkeeper.A great save from the Mexican goalkeeper saved a goal.


That target fell – thirty seconds before the end – on the other side. A painful defeat, because at that point you can no longer take a hit, according to coach Kwakenbos. The 24-player selection that takes effect this week in the Women’s Sud Cup is a mix of players who have played for the U19s and GONG this season. A maximum of 21 players can participate in the World Cup. The under-20 team leaves for Costa Rica on August 1st. The first World Cup match against Japan is scheduled for August 11. In the Women’s Sud Cup, the U-20 team will play France on Sunday evening (9pm). The tournament will conclude two days later with a match against the United States (5 pm). Both matches will take place at the Stade de Lattre de Tassigny in Aubagne.

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