Orange women sympathize with former national team coach Bao: ‘Shock and sadness’ | Currently

Orange women sympathize with former national team coach Bao: 'Shock and sadness' |  Currently

The orange woman sympathizes with Vera Pau. The former Netherlands coach said Friday that she was raped as a young player by the coach of the KNVB team. She also later claimed that she had been the victim of union misconduct twice.

National coach Mark Parsons gathered some experienced players and staff on Friday to inform them of Pauw’s upcoming discoveries in Norwegian Refugee Council† One of them was Sherida Spits. She set her international record debut with Orange Women in 2006 under Pau and with Renate Janssen she is the only player from the current squad to have played under Amsterdam. Pauw Zeist left in 2010.

“It hurts,” Spetsy said on Saturday after the friendly against Finland, which the Netherlands won 2-0. The quarterback says she can’t say much about the case, because she doesn’t know the details. She hadn’t had the chance to message Bao yet, although they still talked every now and then. “But what happened to her is painful.”

Parsons speaks the words with the same meaning. English coach Bow met once, during their time together in the United States. Bow served as a coach at the Houston Dash in the 2017/2018 season, while Parsons was under contract with the Portland Thorns.

“It was horrific and distressing to hear the news,” Parsons says. “But I applaud her for being brave in coming up with this. I hope she gets the support to handle this well. The team did a good job: they focused on what we are here for. But of course Vera is in our minds. And in the minds of many people. “.

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Spitze says Pauw’s story is discussed in the selection. “We read about it and talked about it for a while. But we were mainly interested in this match against Finland. Of course, it’s not fun for Vera, but we are busy with the European Championship. That did not distract us.”

National coach Mark Parsons supported his predecessor Vera Pau.

National coach Mark Parsons supported his predecessor Vera Pau.

National coach Mark Parsons supported his predecessor Vera Pau.

“There is a pleasant and safe working environment”

Bow said that not only was he raped by Pete Potter in 1986, but he was also the victim of misconduct by two other men, who also worked for the FA. In 1997, an elderly teacher grabbed her from behind between her legs. This happened to her back in 2004.

Spitze maintains that she has not had bad experiences with the male employees of KNVB. “I can only speak for myself: I have been with the Dutch national team for a number of years and I experience it as a fun and safe working environment.”

“It didn’t bother me, no matter what coach I worked with. We are always busy with training, matches and preparations for tournaments. This is not an issue with us in the group. If others have tried something, they should share a story to share with each other or with KNVB.” contacted KNVB Director Jan Dirk van der Zee, who is responsible for the association’s women’s football, on Saturday to obtain a broad response. And he announced through his press official that the authority would leave it with the statement published on Friday, in which the association expressed its regret.

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