Orange pony drivers in a golden course –

Orange pony drivers in a golden course -

Today, the Netherlands did well in the middle classification in the marathon for the FEI World Pony Driving Championship. Ad Aarts takes first place after two segments, well ahead of Switzerland. Marijk Hammink won the marathon with four races while Rondy Ratgens finished second in the pony races. Both ladies are currently gold.

In singles, World Cup newcomer Milo Huisman finished seventh in the marathon and climbed to seventh. With a good marathon, Brent Jansen moved up to temporary second place in the singles. He is eight penalty points behind the leader in the middle classification.

Rudind Ruttgens on gold

Rodind Ratgens had her pair of Welsh Colts both run well in the marathon. She scored four times higher in seven hurdles, only in Hurdle 2 she needed more time. Because of her second-place finish in the marathon, Rodindi is now number one, with more than four penalty points ahead of the pursuers. So the guy from Weert can hold the ball in skill tomorrow. Melanie van de Pont set the fastest time on three hurdles, but also missed two items, resulting in extra penalty points. However, Melanie also moved up the rankings today and is now fourth.

Marijk Hammink can’t be beat

There was no volume for Marijk Hamminck and four in her hand today. Hammink set the fastest time on at least six of the eight obstacles. And so the Bornerbroek driver climbed to number one, and she also has more than one ball ahead of the closest competition. Jan de Boer finished third in the marathon and fourth with a narrow distance from the podium.

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Exciting Nations Cup

The Dutch drivers started from the silver position on the eight beautiful hurdles of the marathon on the French site Le Pin au Haras. Because of the very strong marathon, the Dutch national team advanced to first place, ahead of Switzerland and Belgium. Tomorrow is the final skill and the orange must defend its lead with seven penalty points.

World Championship Singles Ponymen Individual Ranking After Dressage and Marathon
1. Cedric Shearer (ZWI) 143.23 penalty points
2- Brent Jansen (Swolgen) – 151.90
3- Berenger Crescent (France) 152.19
7. Milo Huisman (Putin) 154.86
28- Fleur van Empelen (Maassluis) – 176.02
29. Marloes van ‘t Veld (Nijverdal) – 178.12

World Championships Ponymen pairs in the individual classification after dressage and marathon
1. Rodney Rutgens (Vert) 143.95 Penalty Points
2. Roger Campbell (Britain) – 148.23
3. Louise Villon (France) 152.16
4- Melanie van de Pont (Lontiern) – 152.95
10. Cup Hendrix (Zealand) – 161.26
14. Anki Cramers (Windrac) – 164.47

Ponymen World Championships Singles Quadruple After Dressage and Marathon
1. Marijk Hammink (Börnerbrück) – 149.95 penalty points
2. Yannick Shearer (ZWI) – 153.32
Stephen Brauchley (DUI) – 156.16
4- Jan de Boer (Terold) – 156.65
8. Rene Lembens (Assendelft) 169.56
13. Joy van der Ham (Nordvik) – 189.29

The nation’s classification in the World Pony Championships after dressage and marathon
1. Netherlands – 445.46 penalty points
2- Switzerland – 452.30
3- Belgium – 458.79
4. Germany – 461.16

Source: KNHS

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