Numerous reports of fraud in the Russian parliamentary elections

Numerous reports of fraud in the Russian parliamentary elections

The movement of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny has urged voters to use the “smart vote” app. This allows Russians to know the best candidate they can vote for so that the United Russia candidate is not elected.

This system has suffered several sensitive blows in recent days. Yesterday, Apple and Google removed the app from their App Store, at the request of the Kremlin. Today, Google is said to have been asked to remove three YouTube videos about ‘smart voting’, Reports An aide to Navalny’s movement.

Telegram has also limited the option to use chatbots for a “smart voting” system. This is remarkable, because the chat service is known to be a haven for members of the opposition who have managed to survive despite the interference of the Russian authorities. According to Telegram President Pavel Durov, chat programs have been suspended because no campaign should be conducted around the electoral process.

One of the main reasons for Putin’s unpopularity is the poor economic condition. The reporter Iris de Graaf paid a visit to the inhabitants of Tropuccino, where for 20 years the inhabitants had neither running water nor gas:

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