Opponents initially attacked the right-wing populist caucus Zemmour

Opponents initially attacked the right-wing populist caucus Zemmour

Zemmour’s supporters booed a camera crew during the meeting, and security escorted them outside. The organization said that about 12,000 people participated in the elections.

With his ascent, a person from the audience trumpeted himself. The man threw both hands violently around the neck of the presidential candidate as he walked past him. The security guards were able to quickly relieve Zemmour and get the man out. The motive behind this action is unknown.

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The meeting moved to the Villepinte suburb of Paris because several thousand opponents gathered in the French capital, where Zemmour initially wanted to organize his first electoral rally. According to the police, about 2,000 people stood on their feet to demonstrate against Zemmour’s candidacy.

The police decided to postpone the electoral rally in Zemmour for security reasons. Fifty protesters were arrested for violating an injunction. The demonstration was organized by a number of unions, left-wing parties and anti-racism groups.

They are angry at Zemmour’s fierce anti-immigration and anti-Islam statements:

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