EU countries measures have a negative impact on logistics

EU countries measures have a negative impact on logistics

Green Lane dates

evofenedex is in favor of keeping other EU countries in the Green Lane Agreements and a general exception for professional freight transport. After all, it is not for nothing that it is an essential sector, and good agreements to allow free movement between EU countries must continue from start to finish. At the same time, the best and timely communication is a topic of discussion, as well as a reasonable period of time to be able to take measures and accommodate small businesses with, for example, testing facilities, of primary importance in order to allow logistics operations to run smoothly.


Additional procedures are valid in different countries. The most recent positions can be found on our country page. Below is a brief summary of the latest changes.


Since November 24, 2021, 3G certification is required in Germany to access workplaces (workplaces). This means that you must have evidence of vaccination, evidence of recovery, or evidence of a negative test result. Specific exceptions apply to professional drivers. There is a strict application with fines of up to 25,000 euros. As a result, there are long queues at the test stations and drivers are rejected at the gate.


Swiss authorities have taken additional measures against the Omikron variant of the coronavirus since November 26. Exceptions are made for the carriage of goods. The compulsory entry form does not apply to persons who transport goods or persons across the border in the course of their professional activity or who travel through Switzerland without stopping.

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evofenedex receives many questions from members who want to know how to deal with these new measures, for example if their drivers do not meet the third generation requirements and how they can deal with it. How this is dealt with will vary by situation, and an assessment of each case will need to be made of the contamination risks and options for other activities. In addition, evofenedex advises to maintain structural contact with logistics providers, contractors and/or customers in the transportation chain, so as not to encounter surprises.

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