opinion | This Floriade holds us a mirror

opinion |  This Floriade holds us a mirror

Whoever arrives at Floriade will see that the objective criticism that appeared immediately after the opening was not entirely unjustified. But is the lack of well-defined content or impressive attractions a problem? Can’t you see Floriade, like other world fairs, as a reflection of time? More specifically, as a state of the state and its ideas about the future?

If you look at Floriade this way, this year’s exhibition in Almere shows our doubts about the future and makes our immense struggles and challenges visible. Above all: How do we live sustainably and tolerantly? Floriade shows how difficult it is for multinational corporations, culture and government to connect with society in an impressive and credible way. In light of the passion with which Floriade is now photographed in public, this is understandable.

Historically, world exhibitions inform society of the future and consumption has always played a leading role: the modern toilet (1851), robots (1939), and the modern kitchen (1950s and 60s) were all the first world exhibitions.

This Floriade comes at a time when the picture of the future is radically changing and needs more change. Instead of new things, things have to be done; Less hedonism, less freedom and more effort. Floriade Entries are clearly aware of this and are doing something with it as well. Where else in the world the fairgrounds would be diluted, this Floriade, with all its wooden pavilions (admittedly not very spectacular) could be demolished really sustainably and then would be a great residential area.

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This Floriade is part of a painful but useful educational process. Global exhibition organizers must learn to recognize that the dangers of the 20th century are not those of the 21st century. In particular, the France-based BIE, the organization behind all world fairs, should scratch its head and fundamentally reconsider its hundred-year-old rules.

The Schadenfreud not pass me by. But hastily finished pavilions, cut artificial turf and toilet units decorated with large color prints can be found at all world fairs. All texts in Floriade look as if they were written by the same book, withfun factsWhich is rarely fun. †Think outside the box“- Sessions with all the marketing teams together have either failed to resolve this issue or may have exacerbated the issue. It only makes the contrast between the sometimes clumsy entries of people and the beautiful nature of Floriade’s location even stronger.

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Visitors are very satisfied Old people, the majority of visitors, enjoy green luxury. You see Americans wandering in amazement in search of their own country, Germans proud of their grand entry, groups from Southeast Asia picturing all the loose. (It’s also good that there aren’t many people, by the way.)

The United Arab Emirates has an elegant suite with incredibly friendly hosts from the United Arab Emirates itself. The same with Qatar – it’s great to talk not only about Qatar, but also with her. The M. Museum by Studio Ossidiana is also one of the highlights of the exhibition NaturAlly: Wild Futures. Countries that don’t care much about design deserve it in terms of content: India, Sudan and Suriname in particular, which have some great videos, banner with “Invest?” followed by an email address – and delicious soto soup.

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Not only the United States, but there are more absentee parties. Britain? Spain? Eastern Europe? And from the business community, with the exception of Albert Heijn, it is clear that none of the large companies have progressed. This is frustrating. Wageningen’s leading university? Not Found. Apart from the group of good Dutch architects, there is no one from the cultural side either. Business, science and culture often shout out loud that there must be more inclusion and that they want to be closer to society. Well, this is a platform. You can blame Floriade, but you can also look at yourself.


There’s something else that stands out if you take Floriade more seriously than a successful or unsuccessful day trip for seniors with free train travel. This Floriade is also a reflection of Holland. Such as hard work The world fair consists of presenting a vision, but your country is led by a person that states that whoever seeks a vision must see an ophthalmologist, then Floriade offers a crystal clear mirror. In this sense, it pays off. Only if the Netherlands continues to get involved in Floriade bashing, and not in reviewing it or learning from it, don’t. Do not shoot the messenger.

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