Opera, Rap, Willemian Dykstra: Boomin Berend kicked out of Coiforden

Presentatie solisten en producenten in Kazerne Assen

The expulsion of the Bommen Berend is celebrated every year on August 28 in Groningen with a large fireworks display. But if it was up to Cofforden, the city in the southeast of Drenthe would soon consider this as well.

This year, 350 years ago, the Bishop of Münster, also known as Bommen Berend, was expelled from Groningen. However, Bommen Berend was also expelled from Coevorden, but this story is unknown in southeast Drenthe. The municipality of Coevorden wants to change that with the piece Bommen Berend in the year it becomes a cultural municipality.

The performance is carried out in cooperation with the municipality of Groningen and Landmacht. The piece will be performed at the end of August in Coevorden, Groningen and Münster. The story is based on the events in the east and north of the Netherlands in 1672. All the “year of the disaster” themes such as freedom of belief and expression, international cooperation, hope and pride in origin and region are discussed. The words are sung in German, Dutch and Low Saxon and are “named” during the performance. Director Bruun Kuijt explains: “This means we have a large container hanging above the podium with the text in Dutch, so that everyone can follow what is being sung.”

The role of the narcissist is great

The role of Bommen Berend was played by Nico Wouterse. He is a Dutch opera singer who has been living and working in Germany for over twenty years. Wouterse accompanies Johan Willem Friso Church. The baritone can be heard in many opera houses and concerts in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Latvia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Germany and others. This will be his first real concert series in Holland and he is very excited about it.

“Plus, I’m a fan of the orchestra that accompanies us, and it feels so good to dive into Dutch history for this role,” says Wouterse. What attracts him most in the role of Bommen Berend “is the fact that the man was not aware of any harm.” “He couldn’t understand why the Dutch didn’t want to hand over their cities to him,” laughs Waters. “It’s really nice to be able to play this narcissistic and opportunistic role.”

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