onsProat: Happiness – Maarkelsnieuws.nl

onsProat: Happiness - Maarkelsnieuws.nl

We left 2020 behind with a bang, albeit somewhat limited. happy New Year!

The interpretation of happiness varies from person to person. Do you long for the regular 2021? Get health again? Less unit? Or do you prefer the winning lottery ticket?

The start of the new year is also the time to make good decisions. I’m not into it. I often get impatient and quickly revert to my old habits. No January is dry for me, waking up early, more likely to cover up or lose weight! As for the latter, the opposite applies to me!

A few years ago, a food consultant lured me a little more weight. This is the result of a medical examination. At first, I had to answer a bunch of questions: Do you smoke, do you drink, do you exercise, do you sleep well, etc.

Everything was fine. Until the moment I had to wear a scale. Ai… .. found willing …… .. ”Sir, we advise you to inform your doctor about this matter with a request for a referral to a food consultant.
I thought to myself, “Johan can actually use a little more weight on the scale!”

Then Doctor Dove looked at me in surprise, over his glasses. In fact, I did not think a referral was necessary. However, I did get a referral to a dietitian.

A few days later, I was in the waiting room with all kinds of nice people who metaphorically got a question mark when I got in. Without anyone asking me about it, I told my story with smell and color! The attendees unanimously agreed that it is best to accumulate the pounds and then redistribute them! These fun conversations ended when the next person was called up.

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Once out, I took another look at the received menu full of nutrients I had to eat …

After a few weeks, it was time for the second visit and the scales. The score is gained from little to nothing. It turned out to be impossible! In a good consultation and then stopped.

Instead of a good decision, I picked a word for myself this year that I want to relate to: happiness.
I am convinced that there is enough happiness in the air for everyone. Happiness is free and you can search for it yourself. Moreover, if you give too much you will get double again!

However, I don’t want to be a wealth seeker. They are exaggerating the game! Dissatisfaction and a constant desire for more is also very tiring! On the other hand, looking for happiness or enjoying the happiness that comes your way is a great challenge.

There are likely many four-leaf clovers growing in the Netherlands. We are among the happiest people on earth. We are very high in the top 10. At number 6! Above us there are only some Scandinavian countries: Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

A little grumble will get us higher on top! Sometimes it seems as if we are no longer satisfied. I think this is holding back our happiness!

The United Arab Emirates has a Minister of Happiness. This could also fit in with one of the 89 (!) Political parties that were registered to participate in the parliamentary elections on March 17th. Something different from those different variants on the far left or right!

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An accident occurs in a small corner. Then it is not difficult to imagine that there is so much room for happiness. Enough a whole new year for all of us!

Draw happiness to you! Although the opposition is strong at times.

On a beautiful Sunday,


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