Seven dead are saved now after the “fast mud” tragedy | abroad

Seven dead are saved now after the "fast mud" tragedy |  abroad

A 31-year-old man was found dead on Friday, but rescue workers found three more victims on Saturday. Their identity has not been revealed. However, police released the list of the missing on Friday, including a two-year-old and a thirteen-year-old. Ten people were injured. A seriously injured victim had to be taken to a hospital in the capital, Oslo.

Norwegian King Harald visited the disaster area on Sunday with Queen Sonya and Crown Prince Haakon. “We had an eventful day. The king said,“ I find it difficult to say things because this is so horrible. ”The royal couple and the Crown Prince met with the evacuees and their relatives, as well as representatives of the municipalities and emergency services.


About a thousand residents of the disaster area were evacuated. “We are in a hotel,” someone says. “It’s quite a surreal and terrible situation.” Meanwhile, rescue teams with dogs are using helicopters and drones to search for the missing in the snow disaster area. Tunnels have also been dug into the ground to bring survivors to safety or to retrieve deceased victims.

Quick slush

The Norwegian authorities said that the landslide is most likely related to the type of soil in the area, or what is called “fast mud” or “liquid mud.” Sea mud, which was formed in the Ice Age, can suddenly lose its solid shape under pressure and become liquid under pressure.

In the Scandinavian country, landslides have occurred more often in areas of the same soil type. For example, eight other buildings fell into the sea in June, causing no casualties. Prime Minister Erna Solberg described the landslide in ASC last Wednesday as one of the largest the country has ever seen.

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