Only the third “neGoogle” app now has 5 billion downloads in the Play Store

Only the third "neGoogle" app now has 5 billion downloads in the Play Store

When you look at the current ranking of the most downloaded apps from the Play Store, you will find them at the top of course Mainly Google tools. In many cases, this is mainly due to the fact that it is preinstalled on Android phones. The tables are a little vague, because the official store breaks down numbers into very large blocks. Only essential Google mobile services have reached the highest goal of ten billion. The next section with apps with five to ten billion installs is almost exclusively occupied by Google apps. The exception so far has been two tools from Facebook Inc. , Which now adds a third degree. Messenger heading to this creamThat is now official at five billion downloads.

Only the WhatsApp communication tool and the main tool for browsing the social network Facebook has so far “broken” the dominance of Google over the aforementioned domain. The schedule is now a little more varied, but the number of downloads Two American giants still dominate. What other “neGoogle” apps might emulate Messenger soon and write five billion downloads? For example, the fourth largest representative of Facebook, that is, Instagram is presented. From the lower world with one to five billion downloads / installs (where, incidentally, Spotify or Google Clock arrived, for example, quite recently), it could be Netflix, Skype or the controversial TikTok.

Messenger - Free Text & Video Chat

Messenger – Free Text & Video Chat

What other app is likely to hit this target?

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