OnePlus Nord CE 2 Review

OnePlus Nord CE 2 Review

The highlight of the OnePlus Nord CE 2 is the charging time of the 4,500 mAh battery. 100 percent of the nominal capacity is again available after just 37 minutes. After 30 minutes my 95 percent is already strong.

After a very fast loading time, Nord CE 2 runs for 12:32 hours in a tough endurance test. Screen brightness was set to 200 cd/m² at 60Hz. In daily use, the battery should easily last more than a full day – with moderate use of TikTok and Co. Because in addition to games, well-known social media applications in particular have their influence. The scope of delivery also includes a power supply unit suitable for fast charging. The only drawback: OnePlus Nord CE 2 does not provide wireless charging. In general, we still like the battery very much.

While OnePlus used the high-end Snapdragon 750G CPU in the predecessor, the Nord CE 2 uses the powerful Mediatek Dimension 900 processor. But this eight-core processor, which is located more in the middle class and has a clock rate of 2.4 GHz, is also convincing in the test.

In general, this makes the performance satisfactory. The smartphone takes about 4 seconds to load our complex demo PDF – the OnePlus Nord CE 5G isn’t quite as high-end hardware, but it does deliver adequate performance for everyday use. This is also noticeable in the graphics performance benchmark (GFX-Bench), where the smartphone achieves 23 frames per second. The best models achieve around 70 fps. However, the performance is easily enough for most mobile games.

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