Once again Ukrainian grain ships left the Black Sea ports

Once again Ukrainian grain ships left the Black Sea ports

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Four ships loaded with grain left this morning from the Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea. This was reported by Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kobrakov. It has been nearly a week since the first grain ship left the port of Odessa on Monday under the grain agreement with Russia. Three ships also departed from Ukrainian ports on Friday.

According to Kubrakov, the two ships together carry approximately 170,000 tons of grain. The ships are Mustafa Negati, the star of Helena, Glory and Riva Riva.

All grain ships sail from Ukraine to the Turkish city of Istanbul. The goal is to quickly increase the number. “Our next step is to enable our ports to handle more than 100 cargo ships per month,” Kobrakov said yesterday.

In a tweet, Kobrakov reported the departure of four ships today:

The first ship arrived in Turkey last week, and left for Lebanon after inspection. It was supposed to arrive in Tripoli today, but according to the Ukrainian embassy, ​​the ship was delayed and will not arrive today. The reason for the delay or the expected arrival date was not disclosed.

impending famine

The deal that Russia and Ukraine signed on July 22 with Turkey and the United Nations came after warnings from the United Nations that there was a risk of starvation in different parts of the world if the grain was stopped for a longer period. Africa and the Middle East are particularly dependent on Ukrainian grain.

Ships are inspected in Turkey to prevent arms smuggling for example. The coordination center for the implementation of the Convention is located in Istanbul. Then they can go to their final destination.

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