Android 13: All the information about the upcoming launch – when will it start, what’s new and who will receive the update?


new operating system Android 13 All the way home, and according to some observers, he should have crossed the finish line several days ago. But it looks like the final release has been delayed, so it will still be a few weeks before the final rollout. We’ll show you when to expect it, what the previous schedule looked like and what innovations you can look forward to.

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Google was with them Android 13 I’ve been in a hurry for the past few months, because we’ve been successful in scavenging for pre-release builds and releasing new temporary releases several times a month. The candidate for release was already available at the end of July, which is the last step before the final release – if no serious problems arise. But that’s exactly what appears to have happened, with the release of Android 13 and the August Pixel update delayed. So far there is no reason.

It now seems clear that Android 13 won’t be pushed after a few days, but it will wait for next month’s date. As the Android 13 release notes, oddly published on Monday, state that the patch-level OS will be delivered on September 1. So Android 13 could be delivered in the last week of August or the first full week of September at the earliest. My theory is that both are correct.

This is how Android 13 can be released
Last year, Google officially launched Android 12 and rolled it out to Pixel smartphones just two weeks later. It can work the same way again. My advice, without any guarantees, is that the final version of Android 13 will be released in the last week of August and beyond September 5 It will be rolling out to all current Pixel smartphones. September 5th is the first Monday of the month and will also be the date of the Pixel Feature Drop, which likely won’t happen in September. Android 13 replaces the Drop feature, so to speak.

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Still early version
In fact, September 5th would still be too early. Android 10 was released on September 3, Android 11 on September 8 and Android 12 on October 4. But rushing to use pre-release versions was in vain. All information and an overview of the schedule can be found in this article.

The most important innovations
With over a dozen pre-release builds, we know exactly what to expect with Android 13. There are no major innovations in this version, but there are many improvements in the details and on the surface. Just a few days ago, we listed all the important innovations in Android 13 for you. There you will also find a complete overview of all the innovations that would have taken us too far in the overview.

What smartphones will receive the update?
Google will equip 4th to 6th generation Pixel smartphones with Android 13. General rule: All smartphones that were able to participate in the beta version will also be equipped with the final version. Depending on their reliability, other manufacturers can use the two-year rule: smartphones must be serviced two years after they go on sale. So far, only specific statements have been made OnePlus with 12 smartphones.

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