Omroep Venlo – Blerickse Rilana Finalist Miss Diversity Netherlands

Omroep Venlo - Blerickse Rilana Finalist Miss Diversity Netherlands

Bas Knoll and Janis Tetler

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Rilana Kessels (20) from Blairik is one of the finalists for the Miss Holland Diversity Contest. “I hope to convince other girls that they can be there no matter your appearance.”

A bit of height, a size 34 and a narrow jawline? These strict requirements may apply to standard models that shine on magazines and billboards, but don’t expect any of this from the Miss Diversity Netherlands finalists. The women nominated for the title may not be the ones you expect to compete in a modeling contest as they usually are. And that is exactly the point. The organization also writes this on their website. In a world where diversity is increasingly on the agenda, the beauty pageant world is still far behind. At Miss Diversity we welcome every woman, regardless of height, size, skin color, gender, religion, etc. We celebrate the power of women and are thrilled to offer a platform to spread that.


One such woman is 20-year-old Relana from Blairik. I watched the competition on Instagram and decided to participate. I’m not a perfect size 36 and I think people like me should be seen at a beauty pageant. This diversity was the main reason to participate.

the support

The final takes place on May 14 in Urk. Then it will be announced who can call themselves Miss Holland for Diversity. You can vote via this link. Of course Rilana wants to win, but for her there is one more important goal. I want to give younger girls more certainty that they can be there too. Even if you are a little stronger than the others. You are beautiful the way you are and that really needs to be seen.


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