Olaf Moll for the Australian Grand Prix

Olaf Moll for the Australian Grand Prix

Olaf Mall is looking forward Grand Prix Radio Back in the third race of the 2022 season. The Australian Grand Prix has experienced less spectacle than previously thought. He states, among other things, that the people who revamped the circuit may not have been too happy with the progress and that the revamps weren’t done well enough.

The Grand Prix organization had hoped it would be a spectacle because of the modifications that would ensure more overruns. Moll believes that removing the DRS made it less of a problem. “Without DRS, there wasn’t much catching up, but it’s been better than it has been in recent years.”

The Grand Prix Radio-commentator also believes that in this path, it doesn’t matter how well you prep, there’s always leaves and there’s always dirt. “The race did not achieve what they had hoped before.”

Red Bull lost lap time

When asked about Red Bull Racing’s situation after another outage for Max Verstappen, Mol said Red Bull does not lack in speed, as is often said: “I think they lose lap time, they have the speed but they can’t translate it into lap time.”

Red Bull appears to be faster than Ferrari on some points, but the Italian team appears to have a greater grip on the other points and has better tire management, according to the F1 commentator. “Verstappen has issues with that and if you fail because of a technical part, it’s tough.”

Moll continues: “Max was also very smart, so instead of yelling ‘I smell gasoline’, you know for sure you’re going to get the FIA ​​after you because then you have to be able to prove that it wasn’t built unsafely or how it’s done. It could have been prevented. “If you said you smelled liquid and there was a fire, of course you know it.”

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Max Verstappen - Melbourne Grand Prix

Reliability over performance

After the race, Horner said they should put reliability over performance. According to Moll, it won’t be easy because in reality the Red Bull is still Honda’s engine. “Everything still comes in boxes and crates from Japan, the only difference is that there are no longer 400 people working on this engine in Japan, and they are meticulously maintained as they were delivered by about 100 men in England, but it is no longer the case that they are actively working him from the pit.”

Maul also discusses the fact that there is another side to the story. “If you work in Sakura, Japan where those bikes are made, and you’re officially a Honda, I think there’s a lot more excitement and ambition out there, which is pretty big for the Japanese. Now Honda isn’t on the list anymore. The car, so you’re making a product that has to perform It functions under a different name. And while it is subject to quality control, in that sense it is concerning because the Red Bull Powertrains factory is not yet operational.”

Honda rear spoiler

Give up top speed

If the Grand Prix Radio commentator is responsible, he will give up some top speed and try to get more grip then he should be fine. “The advantage is that you’re only in the third race now, and of course you don’t make up for the missing points, but when you look at Ferrari’s reliability it seems taken for granted when you look at Leclerc’s car, but your teammate at Sainz also has his problems, he could drop a penny in the other direction.” .

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When asked about Leclerc’s weakness, Mol said Verstappen’s now bad luck and Sainz’s bad luck at Ferrari could turn to Monegask. “It could also happen to Leclerc, as we saw in Jeddah when both Verstappen and Leclerc finished the race winning, but that only happened once,” concludes Mull, looking back.

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