EK-Loop EVO Vertical GPU Rack: Graphics Card Rack with PCI Express 4.0 . Rack

EK-Loop EVO Vertical GPU Rack: Graphics Card Rack with PCI Express 4.0 . Rack

from Benjamin Grundkin
EKWB has introduced a new GPU mount that allows users to display their graphics card or cooler vertically in a display window. The package includes a 20 cm high cable according to PCI Express 4.0.

Even these days, graphics cards cannot be installed vertically in all cases, for example to present the water-cooling block in an attractive way. Sometimes this option exists, but the situation needs improvement. In such cases, EKWB created a new graphics card chip. The “EVO EK-Loop Vertical GPU Mount”, which according to the manufacturer is made of black-painted steel up to 1.5 mm thick, holds the device securely in position. According to EK Water Blocks, this is also the case during transportation or hose installation.

Graphics card holder for RTX 30 series and RX 6000

A PCI Express riser cable is included with the stand, which is also needed in the end since the PCIe slot is farther away when placed vertically. It’s worth noting the PCI Express 4.0 core standard, which made it mainstream in 2019 with AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processors and is now considered the standard. Alder Lake processors are already running the next version of PCIe 5.0 – but graphics cards are still without it for now.

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EKWB assures that the GPU chip can only be installed if there are no bars between the case’s expansion slots and at least four to six are available. Alternatively, designers can of course make their housing fit for gadgets. However, for cases where this compatibility is not available, there is a balanced version of the EK-Loop Vertical EVO mount. This variant includes a 1.8 m (1.4 m) special angle Displayport cable as an additional delivery band.

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The EKWB sells the EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder EVO on its website, where it is available from stock, for €135.90. Like many other products from the manufacturer, the GPU mount comes from Slovenian production. Other features can be found in the product description. Among other things, compatibility with the Radeon RX 6000 series and Geforce RTX 3000 series is confirmed there.

source: EKWB

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