Objection from the Federal Council – Berset defends himself against the mobile phone antenna – and against the allegations – News

Objection from the Federal Council - Berset defends himself against the mobile phone antenna - and against the allegations - News

Federal Chancellor Alain Berset and his family opposed the construction of an antenna in the village of Bellevue (in French). One argument in the Health Minister’s letter in particular makes you stand up and take notice.

A permit to build a mobile phone antenna in the municipality of Belfaux (in French) has been revoked after residents, including Federal Chancellor Alain Burset, objected.

In 2018, Alain Berset, who lives in Bellevue, and three members of his family, as citizens of the municipality, lodged an objection to the construction of a 4G antenna by mobile phone provider Swisscom, as dailies “La Liberté” and “Blake” reported on Wednesday. This could have later been converted to a 5G antenna without further public approval.

The Minister of Health uses a controversial argument

“Electromagnetic waves of technological origin, especially those emitted by mobile phone technology, have harmful effects on humans and animals,” says the letter, signed by Berset, among other things. Surprisingly, the Minister of Health in particular has expressed concerns about the potential harm from radiation. After all, according to the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), the maximum values ​​applied in Switzerland are not a problem.

A simple success stuns the anti-fifth generation circles

The success of the procedure surprised opponents of 5G antennas. We’ve already filed objections with more than 600 sites, and we’ve gone to federal court and haven’t succeeded. But now I see with this antenna that the objection is sufficient and the project will be rejected”, explained the head of the Stop 5G Glâne association, Chantal Blanc, to the French-speaking Swiss television RTS.

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The Freiburg 5G opponent was surprised by this measure, contacted the authorities, obtained a letter of complaint from the Berset family and published it through the cantonal Public Information Act. However, Blanc maintains that their act was in no way intended to highlight Alain Berset. However, suspicion arises of unequal treatment.

Berset defends himself

After Berset’s press spokesman first commented, the health minister himself has now reported the case. Compliance with legal standards for radiation is of paramount importance.

However, in Bivo’s case, the reason for his objection was not health concerns, but preservation of effects. This came in an interview with Berset with the newspaper “Le Temps”, which was published on Friday evening. In addition, he does not have more weight than other citizens.

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