Nvidia Possible Victim of Cyber ​​Attack – Update: Nvidia Hacking

Nvidia Possible Victim of Cyber ​​Attack - Update: Nvidia Hacking

The British newspaper The Telegraph reported that Nvidia was the victim of a cyber attack. According to Bloomberg, this was using ransomware. Many details about what exactly happened are not yet clear. Speaking to The Verge, Hector Marinez admits in a Word Brief that an incident is under investigation, but the company’s business continues as usual.

It is possible that the company’s internal systems have been attacked, which makes it necessary to shut them down. According to sources from The Telegraph, Nvidia’s email system was not fully functional on Friday. It is not yet clear if confidential data from Nvidia has been stolen.

Update 26-2022 17:15

According to Vx-Underground, the South American group LAPSU$ is responsible for the attack on Nvidia. It would have stolen 1 TB of confidential data from Nvidia. It is said that Nvidia responded and then gained access to the hackers and then encrypted some of their devices.

Although Nvidia gained access, the hackers allegedly secured the stolen data from Nvidia. according to Sofian Al Dhaheri on Twitter The group is said to have started leaking employee and NTLM passwords.

Sources: Bloomberg, The Telegraph, The Verge, Wccftech, Sufyan Dhaheri

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