Nuclear Waste Authority warns of long-term

Nuclear Waste Authority warns of long-term

Should nuclear power plants run after 2022? The Atomic Waste Agency sees a problem with highly radioactive waste.

The Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (the norm) warns of an increase in nuclear waste in Germany in the event of a possible extension of the life of the remaining nuclear power plants. If new fuel rods are used, the amount of highly radioactive waste will also increase, said Mareke, “for which there will only be temporary storage facilities with a time-limited safety guarantee for decades until a warehouse is established in Germany,” Head of Nuclear Safety at Rüffer Base, Newspapers from the Funke Media Group starting Saturday.

According to Laffer, this is a social and political decision about whether to place a higher priority on short-term supply security than protecting people and the environment in the long-term from the dangers of radioactivity. The criterion for any decision should be and remain security.

The expert clarified whether the continuous operation of the three power plants that are still in operation – Neckarwestheim 2, Emsland and Isar 2 – is safe can only be seriously answered after a periodic safety check. The Atomic Energy Act requires operators to do so every ten years. With the aim of legally proven exit at the end of 2022, these tests have been suspended. They must be caught first.



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