“Now get a qualification at the same level”

"Now get a qualification at the same level"

Williams is optimistic about the race pace, but at the same time they also know that qualifying must be a lot better if the team is to score more points in the races. This is exactly what will be focused on in the upcoming races.

Williams has yet to take the step he wanted to take last year and is the last among the playmakers, but track performances offer hope from time to time. Alexander Albon, for example, earned a point in Australia after his daring stopping strategy and a point in Miami for ninth place, after Fernando Alonso received a penalty.

In Barcelona, ​​Williams will be hoping to see how far he has progressed in the first five races compared to the test days in February. “Drivers and engineers know the quirks and the nitty-gritty of this circuit well, and although the car’s balance and tire behavior will be different than it was in February, we have a good idea of ​​what to expect and the areas we need to work on.” Dave Robson explains, car performance head In Williams, out.

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“The car has changed quite a bit since February, and warmer track conditions will lead to very different problems,” Robson added. He is very pleased with Williams’ speed in the first races of the season, but knows things need to improve on Saturday. We have shown an encouraging racing pace in the past few races and our efforts are now focused on achieving the same level of performance in qualifying. “If we could do that, we would be much stronger,” Robson said.

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Alexander Albon is aiming for 10th place in the Spanish Grand Prix. “It will be interesting to see how much the car has improved since the days of testing. It is a good track, all the drivers have completed countless laps, more than any other track. We are eager for points after Miami, so that is what we will pay,” said the British Thai. for him”.

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