Now finally drag to Beijing in a monobob, Bob De Bruin’s four-man will not work

Now finally drag to Beijing in a monobob, Bob De Bruin's four-man will not work

She was confident in herself for a long time. Carlyn Silber will be at the Olympics in Beijing anyway. And the Monopober was right, today was the day she was officially nominated for the NOC*NSF to travel to China as part of the Dutch team.

Perhaps it was a surprise to the outside world, but it was not a surprise to Silber himself. “No, not at all. I knew I would easily meet the international requirements and the NOC*NSF requirements were more stringent, but I passed the first race already….” “After the first match, the feelings really went out.”

Slipper marks her World Cup debut in Innsbruck, where she had already met the requirements of the NOC*NSF Umbrella Sports Organization with a 10th place finish to finish 12th in at least one World Cup competition.

Olympic Ranking

A week later, she did the trick again, finishing in ninth place. Piece of cake for a ticket to the games, right? It wasn’t much of a question mark for Sleper, but only this weekend the Olympic rankings were officially put in place after the World Cup in Sankt Moritz.

Because only the top six solo players did not qualify by the joint arrangement with the two-man pop, they were still allowed to go to Beijing. Seems like a complicated system, but left or right: Sleper proudly tops that list and can start packing her bag.

In October, Slipper had been training on the Olympic track for a few weeks. In the video below, Slipper recounts how she experienced the time she spent in Beijing.

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