Notice two fireworks victims – the Suriname Herald

Notice two fireworks victims - the Suriname Herald

The number of victims of the fireworks has increased to two. Suriname Fire Brigade (KBS) Information Department reported that a 29-year-old man injured his right eye with some kind of KLS fireworks on the evening of December 28. This recording was not immediately reported, so two cases were recorded on the second day of the sale and launch period.

The man was transferred to the emergency department (A&E) of the Academic Paramaribo Hospital (AZP). A two-year-old boy also fell victim to fireworks on the second day of the fireworks display. The boy was burned to the face when others set off fireworks.

KBS calls on parents and / or caregivers for additional supervision of their offspring during this period. The fire brigade conducted a guided tour this morning in Paramaribo North at a number of fireworks sales points.

KBS recommends that fireworks be handled safely and begins before they set off. It is not recommended to try fireworks. “Never put fireworks in the pockets of a jacket or pants. Wear clothing that could be hit or sparks. Read instructions for use in advance. You cannot read in the dark,” KBS warns people.

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