NOC*NSF: ‘China effectively excludes unvaccinated athletes from games’

NOC*NSF: 'China effectively excludes unvaccinated athletes from games'

These measures put top Dutch athletes who do not wish in principle to be vaccinated in a moral dilemma. Still immune? Or sitting for three weeks in quarantine at the expense of preparing for the Olympic skiing championships?

“In theory, it’s possible to perform after a mandatory quarantine. Athletes and coaches can definitely think about it. But I know how important the preparations are and how important those past weeks are. Having spent 21 days in a hotel room, it never works.” optimally prepared,” says Hendricks.

The difference in dealing with unvaccinated athletes in each country is significant. The US obliges the athletes, and Norway has already indicated that Olympians are free to choose. In all likelihood, Sweden and Finland will follow the example of their neighbors.

Germany has not yet made a choice in this matter, the country is waiting for the so-called play books. Whatever he’s going to say exactly, unvaccinated athletes can surely wet their chests.

Freedom of movement? This is not there

China is a country with one of the strictest coronavirus measures in the world, something that NOS reporter Sjoerd den Daas has experienced first-hand. At the beginning of September this year, Den Das was housed in a Chinese quarantine hotel.

“There is no freedom to move around and choose to eat whatever you want,” he said at the time. “In one of the contracts I had to sign, I had to promise not to leave my room, under pain of an unknown fine.”

Watch the video below to see what unvaccinated athletes may encounter in China.

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