Delete your data at any cost, it could cost you money!

Delete your data at any cost, it could cost you money!

Do you use Apple Pay regularly? Be very careful! Experts from the University of Birmingham and the University of Surrey are warning users of fraud. If you set up your Visa data on the app to make quick payments, they suggest deleting it.

Reason ? Malicious people can use your smartphone to conduct contactless transactions without your knowledge! Experts point out that this vulnerability is only possible if you configure your Visa card on the app as “Express Transit Mode”. Then it will be enough for the scammers to equip themselves with a box that allows them to make contactless payments to steal your money.

“Apple Pay users don’t need to be at risk, but for Apple or Visa to fix this problem,” comments Tom Cothia, co-author of the study in question. Loana Boureanu of the University of Surrey adds that the research aims to “show how user-friendly functionality in contactless mobile payments can reduce security”.

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