NOC *NSF Apologizes to Gymnast: ‘We Can and Should Have Seen It’ | other sports

NOC *NSF Apologizes to Gymnast: 'We Can and Should Have Seen It' |  other sports

Chairman Anke van Zanen-Nyberg has apologized on behalf of NOC*NSF to athletes who have fallen victim to infringing behaviour. Van Zanen did so in response to the advice of a commission to investigate whether victims in gymnastics could obtain financial support. NOC*NSF apologies in this case is the first time.

It is about 5,000 euros, which, according to the advisory committee, should be considered as compensation for the suffering they have undergone. Van Zaanen said the National Oil Corporation* (NSF) is deficient. There were already reports in 2010. We can and should see.”

“We failed to check whether the reports had a structural background and whether the recommendations were followed. We saw things as individual trees, but we didn’t see the entire forest. We offer the athletes our sincerest apologies for that,” said Van Zanen, who said the recommendations were adopted.

“This is the day we do what we have failed to do in recent years. A sign for athletes that we take seriously, listen to them, and want to look together to improve their situation.”

Parliament support

The outgoing Cabinet supports the advice to provide 5,000 euros in compensation. “I think it is important that former gymnasts receive the recognition they need to be able to close this chapter,” Secretary of State Paul Blokhuis (Sport) wrote to the House of Representatives.

It will contribute to the cost of the system. The minister also writes that he will pay “extra attention” to overseeing applications from Victim Support Netherlands. “In this way I hope to contribute to honoring former gymnasts.” On Wednesday, the House of Representatives discusses violations in gymnastics.

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In April, the gymnasts received an apology from KNGU:

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