5 interesting facts about whiskey

5 interesting facts about whiskey

Whiskey is no longer just a Scots drink. The drink is popular and really accessible. As long as you know what to drink and how to drink it. We have collected 5 interesting facts about this drink, which are written only without the letter “e” if it was produced in Scotland or Canada. Do you already know more about this drink, which the Scots and the Irish can talk about for hours.

1. Whiskey Lasts Forever

Well, in theory anyway. Although the color and taste may change over the years, the drink remains drinkable. This also explains why they sometimes charge exorbitant prices for the bottle. These bottles can easily be decades old. Although the word “eternal” is relative: there is a good chance that over the years the taste will become milder and the alcohol content of the drink will be much lower.

2. The Big Five: These are the whiskey countries

Fancy going on a safari? Then you can also visit the whiskey producing countries The Big Five. This is, of course, Scotland, but whiskey is also produced in Ireland, the United States, Canada and Japan. Nor are they the only countries where the drink is made. You can find makers all over the world, even in the Netherlands.

3. Learn about whiskey by its smell and taste

Each whiskey has its own characteristics and often these are characteristics of the country or region of origin. If you are an experienced drinker, you can identify the source of the drink by its aroma and taste. You can often recognize whiskeys from the United States and Canada with a mixture of grain and rye, which gives it a typical aroma and taste. Scotch whiskey is often a blend of grains and unsalted grains, such as corn. You also have single malt whiskey, which is made from a single type of grain and often has a more pronounced taste.

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While many Scottish distilleries are quite traditional, no bottle is the same in Scottish whiskey brand Bruichladdich. They find it important to conduct experiments and prove that all ingredients can be traced. You can enter the batch code on the website to see what exactly is in that bottle. we love! By the way, they call this KWIYW – Find out what’s in your whiskey – Find out what’s in your whiskey.

4. Whiskey with ice: a big sin for lovers

Although you see in every movie or series that the actors drink their whiskey with big blocks of ice, according to enthusiasts that is a big sin. Ice makes the drink cooler, of course, but it also has an effect on the taste. You can remove the sharp edges from the drink, so that the taste is less pronounced, and the smell is also. A small drop of water can highlight the scents better. Still want to add ice to your glass? Then stick with one ice cube.

5. The alcohol content of whiskey varies

The percentage of alcohol in whiskey varies greatly: a bottle can contain 40% to 85% alcohol. Most whiskeys contain about 65% alcohol per barrel. Often some water is added to lower the percentage.

For a good bottle of whiskey quickly pay a few dozen. But then you also have an excellent drink, which has a long shelf life and from which you probably don’t drink whole glasses. So do it for a while. Another fun fact: Former England President Winston Churchill loved to start his day with whiskey for breakfast. He did not eat a sandwich with sprinkles, but combined his drink with lobster. This is still a step too far for us.

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