No trains? Stranded travelers keep spirits up at the main station

Gestrande reizigers op Hoofdstation Groningen

Passengers stranded at Groningen main station © Martijn Folkers / RTV Noord

The NS letter that no trains run until at least 20:00 on Sunday evening caused disappointment and resignation among travelers at the main station in Groningen. The anger, however, remains.

He’s already been hit in the arm. Henk Hummel wanted the Sappemeer to take the train to Schiphol and then fly to Australia. But once you reach the station in Groningen, it becomes clear that traveling by train is not an option this afternoon.

“This is definitely a setback, because now we have to drive all the way,” he says. Fortunately, his carriers were already ready, which also took him to the main station.

Passengers stranded at the main station keep spirits high

Hamill is hoping to get on the plane to Australia tonight. ‘That’s a short road, isn’t it?’ Fortunately, I don’t have to fly it myself, because then I get very tired in my arms. The Sappemeer resident is set to meet his brother again in five years.

I hope to celebrate my birthday

It’s also a happy day for Romy Schut because it’s her birthday. I stayed in Groningen for a party last weekend and hope to celebrate her birthday with her parents in Amersfoort on a Sunday afternoon, but this is a little different.

Don’t expect much from NS now

Rummy Shot – A Stranded Traveler

This is very annoying, this is not what I was expecting today, but it is what it is. Don’t expect much from NS now.

Schott secretly hopes to end up in Amersfoort after all. “I hope we can get to Amersfoort with about thirty buses so we can celebrate.”

Notice board: Canceled
Notice board: Canceled © Martijn Folkers / RTV Noord

Still in time for the theater?

Kristina Schoener is hoping to be in time for a theatrical performance in Utrecht tonight. She spent the last few days in Groningen and wanted to catch the train in time for the evening.

Just found out I’m stuck, I was hoping to take the train to Utrecht, but alas. I hope to be at least on time for the theatre, which starts at 8am tonight and I hope I can.

Nile Scribes: Find Other Travel Options

Meanwhile, NS announced that no trains will run until at least eight o’clock tonight as a result of the outage.

“We urgently advise you not to travel, or if you are on the road, to look for other travel options,” the carrier stated on its website. The railway company’s itinerary is also still on hold. Passengers are asked to plan their trip via

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